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Another beautiful interpretation.

I've never heard the term "dust-around" before. Is that another word for a figurine, which one dusts around when dusting?

It's difficult to make out, but it looks like some kind of building, perhaps a church? The back part of it appears to have a steeple - it's the tall, skinny pointed bit.

I've read a bit about the Justice card. Some say that it could indicate marriage, and we could use that to mean marriage in the traditional sense, or an internal marriage. The constant internal balancing (working on the marriage) we must maintain that the cut flowers seem to symbolize.

I don't know if it means anything, but I'm getting the impression that this image is set in a more private room, maybe even a bedroom. There seems to be carpeting and the card has an overall quiet, private feel to it. It also feels very feminine, which symbolically can be read as 'inner' or 'receptive'. Just tossing ideas.
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