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Lee Lehman on MP3

I've just discovered a set of MP3 Albums by Lee Lehman on Amazon. These are:

1. Foundations of Astrology 1 - from the earliest natural Astrology to the Hellenistic period

2. Foundations of Astrology 2 - Medieval period from Arabian astrologers to Seventeenth Century

3. Foundations of Astrology 3 - Eighteenth Century to modern day.

4. Foundations of Astrology Refining Techniques - The Soul in Ancient to Medieval Astrology

5. Foundations of Astrology Refining Techniques - Essential Dignities

In the UK these are selling at 7.49 each (including VAT) and can be downloaded from Amazon or kept in the cloud (or both).

I've bought an listened to Volume 1, which lasts for over an hour and is a great complement to Campion's Dawn of Astrology. It's odd to have a talk rather than a book but it's something I began to get used to with Chris Brennan's lectures. She speaks quite quickly at times but I did manage to keep up with her. Newbies may find that they need to replay parts of the track or listen several times before getting her information clear, as there's a lot of it.

Volumes 1-3 are of interest to those who wish to have a good knowledge of the history of Astrology to the present day and therefore put things into context. They will be useful to everyone, no matter what methods or techniques you currently use.

Volumes 4 and 5 are more likely to be of interest to those exploring the Traditional approach or who have an interest in both the medical and indeed magical dimensions of Astrology

The good thing about this series is that the volumes can be bought individually as and when you are interested. You can even purchase some of the tracks separately if you only want information on a specific issue (UK price 0.89 including VAT) This of course allows you to spread the costs and if you are unsure of whether the series will work for you, then buying one album or even one track as a sample will enable you to make a decision before committing any more of your hard earned money
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