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First off, congratulations to her. Truly an impressive accomplishment to draw 360 pictures!

This was something I am, or was, very interested in, as a long-time user of the symbols.

I say "was" because when I found it on Amazon, the book is $75 for a paperback and does not show one single example of what is inside. All I have to go on is the cover to determine the quality of the art and very little about what is in the book other than a too brief description.

So my advice to her if she expects most people with interest to buy is to show something! Because there is no way I would shell out $75 for a paperback (or a hardcover for that matter) with no idea what I was getting inside, no matter how into the Sabian symbols I am, yanno? It would help if she used Amazon's "Look Inside This Book" feature or had a website or something.

If there is somewhere to view it or parts thereof that I've missed, please post a link here, as I really am interested!
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