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Originally Posted by Goddessofthehunter View Post
10 of swords

One card is hard to give full meaning but just in quick, you are to know you are happier on this road than if you took the other.

Were they being truthful?
You meant I would be happier knowing N?

Originally Posted by palin View Post
page pentacles

a student..I think you'd be studying or working towards something..

q: his feelings for me?
I'd still be trying to wrap my head around running a business, like an apprentice among other older, experienced entrepreneurs in the circle I used to be in. That was the card I assigned myself to.

6 of pentacles
He feels that you can give him something and he can offer you something, and you'll both benefit from this give and take.

Q: Why do I feel so put down by K saying that this is a grave mistake?
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