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Originally Posted by closrapexa View Post
Which Wirth do you have, the Majors-only or the edition with the metallic background?
I have the metallic background cards w/ pips for minors. I like the contrast of the metallic on lithography plus a lot of symbolic things - the moon under the Empresses foot and lightning bolt from the sun in the Tower align with the study I'm doing (I'm really starting BOTA - AFAIK it was a life-raft for knowledge Case didn't want to be lost but ultimately GD tarot with his and Ann Davie's added research) and also it has to be the first time I've ever seen only three objects on the Magician's table with the wand in his hand having the colors of the pillars and then spreading out in array from left hand to right hand descending the four planes ending with his right hand on Assiah. Very neat stuff and I'm seeing more of that every time I review the cards.
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