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Originally Posted by Breakbeat_Mystic View Post
I have the metallic background cards w/ pips for minors. I like the contrast of the metallic on lithography plus a lot of symbolic things
I have very nostalgic feelings about that deck, as it was my first, and it so bewildered me that it almost turned me off Tarot for good. I was learning from a book that used the Morgan-Greer, and I couldn't adapt. Still, although I wouldn't go out of my way to buy it, if I do see it again I would get it, for old times sake. Not as my first choice, my next deck will be a Marseilles come what may, but you know.

Originally Posted by Breakbeat_Mystic View Post
I'm a little surprised at myself but maybe not too surprised - I was just on Amazon and impulse-grabbed ST Cicero's Babylonian deck. It's looked interesting to me for a while and I know she's had an interest in Sumerian/Babylonian mythology so I'm sure she did a great job of adapting it. I doubt it would be anything I'd use regularly but it would be a neat novelty deck.
A Babylonian deck would be interesting, provided it made an attempt to recreate the structure of its cosmology (rather than having the same RWS picture with a twist, as so many do).

I'm puzzled why this thread is in the Kabbalah section... is that what you're getting at in your question?
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