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Originally Posted by closrapexa View Post
I'm puzzled why this thread is in the Kabbalah section... is that what you're getting at in your question?
I'm new to this stuff so I guess I get confused sometimes or still don't know the ropes of how to categorize these things. I'm really using my decks in line with Qabalah, alchemy, and pathworking - strictly speaking - and for right or wrong I had the sense that the standard 'fortune telling' use of the cards is seen as a different category than studying the cards and correlations in the Qabalah context (I phrased it 'fortune telling' rather than divining as I've had my hand slapped by someone telling me that both fortune telling and content-diving fall under divining - gets confusing with the elasticity of terms).

In my original question I'm really wondering which card decks people prefer based on the degrees to which they trust the author and the content of the symbolism for Qabalistic use, at least those going the WMT route, and I suppose which decks they might find to both have content and aesthetics worked out for Qabalistic and pathworking study a bit better than the rest.
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