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Yes, it takes time, but the fun is in getting there, not the destination. I myself began studying about two, maybe two and a half years ago. At first I tried to evade Kabbalah entirely, but then resigned myself to the "bitter pill"... and I fell head over heels in love with it. After studying three books in-depth (Wang, Fortune and DuQuette) which basically entailed paraphrasing their entirety, I felt like I was actually getting somewhere and things began to fall into place.

Since then, I've been studying the Thoth, which is in many respects a simple continuation of my Kabbalah studies. I normally spend anything from one to three months on a card and a great chunk of that time is spent pondering how different paths are connected to other, be it through attributions or simply visually, according to the diagram. Since the same tools are used to analyze each path, very quickly you see yourself becoming more adept in their use. You yourself gave a great example of recognizing the serpent, that's basically how it all goes.

As to studying several different systems simultaneously, I can't recommend it. This isn't because I think it's a bad idea, I don't, but because I can't imagine myself doing it. Seems to me one should be grounded in the basic syntax before reading War and Peace. While purists may balk at the GD mish-mash, it does have an advantage that puts it far beyond any other system. That advantage is the huge amounts of resources and writings both by the original GD members, and others, for every conceivable level.

It would help, however, if you told me something about your history, what have you studied, who, how, how long, etc.
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