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I really started this year, not brand new to esoteric, had my jump into it in April of last year but really started off on NDE, new age, several of the Seth books, Kybalion, really a mash of different things. Had a momentary break to read the bible cover to cover earlier in the year and really went on a reading binge after that between MP Hall's Secret Teachings, probably five or six Rudolph Steiner books, read 'Unknown Author' and Robert Powell's Meditation on the Tarot (I know his name but I'll refrain from mentioning it out of courtesy), from Unknown Author's suggestion on Christian Hermeticism which seemed like a more grounded and traditionally rooted system than Anthroposophy I started tracking down PF Case's work and the rest has been history.

I really just started studying the tarot in August but I did get my hands on some pretty decent Kabbalah/Qabalah books - Kaplan's Sephir Yetzirah, of course WW Wescott's translation of it, also Duquette's Chicken Qabalah, DF's Mystical Qabalah, and last but probably most comprehensive and far from least Gareth Knight's Practical Guide to Qabalistic Symbolism.

Right now I'm just getting past postulant stage in two orders - BOTA but the other order I'm in is much more fundamentals/basics related which keeps it from interfering and the homework is light for the later. If it's any give-away as to the identity of the second I've been curious to check out the Martinist order but for reasons you cited, ie. the possibility of trying to familiarize myself with a Athanasius Kirchner tree right along side a Gra, Ari, Lurianic, or whatever they use, I'm going to try abstaining from that for at least another two to four years - at least until I get much more intuitively felt with the present system.

Another funny fact about me - back in January I did get grabbed up by the David Flynn, Steve Quayle, and Tom Horn stuff. The fruit of spiritual warfare research saved me from getting stuck out there. I love all good people including those hooked into creeds but I'd probably make most exoterics heads explode if I'd told them the conclusions I'm coming to - if they asked why I left I'd tell em straight up that I didn't. Qabalah, alchemy, tarot: this *is* Christianity. Seemed likely to me that with 40 years in the Egyptian royal family Moses probably was an initiate. If he had anything to do with writing the Torah I could see where the geometry in gematria would be solid evidence that he indeed did wrap up the Egyptian mysteries and take them with him, especially when Pythagoras' works are considered to be a show-and-tell of the same wisdom teachings.
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