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Which study decks do you like best?

I don't have a favorite study deck.

I view Tarot mainly as an overlay to the Kircher Tree according to the GD attributions. Accordingly, I find that the GD decks, such as Regardie-Wang and Dowson Hermetic, can be useful, although the images tend to be a bit ugly. The Rider-Waite (or Albano-Waite), with the brilliant illustrations of the GD Decans in pips 2 through 10, is seductive. However, scenic pips, while convenient memory joggers, are too restrictive for divination. I conceivably could make do with the BOTA 78 card deck if it came in a larger size than 2"x4" (preferably 4"x7").

Since I am (admittedly) too picky regarding the esoteric decks, I use mainly Conver Marseille restorations. I especially like the ISIS, since it is so drop dead gorgeous.
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