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Originally Posted by LRichard View Post
I don't have a favorite study deck.

I view Tarot mainly as an overlay to the Kircher Tree according to the GD attributions. Accordingly, I find that the GD decks, such as Regardie-Wang and Dowson Hermetic, can be useful, although the images tend to be a bit ugly. The Rider-Waite (or Albano-Waite), with the brilliant illustrations of the GD Decans in pips 2 through 10, is seductive. However, scenic pips, while convenient memory joggers, are too restrictive for divination. I conceivably could make do with the BOTA 78 card deck if it came in a larger size than 2"x4" (preferably 4"x7").
Yeah, I don't know if I'd try to cover all bases with one deck. Still not sure where I'm at with my collection, about to have six decks now - all of which are various amounts of study and none really for divination. As of right now TBH I still don't know the first thing about giving divination readings aside from that the associations with the cards tend to be different enough that I'd need to learn the esoteric outlook first and, like taking on another Kabbalah/Qabalah system, I'd need to wait until I have a clear enough card-catalog in my head to keep the two realms separate.

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Since I am (admittedly) too picky regarding the esoteric decks, I use mainly Conver Marseille restorations. I especially like the ISIS, since it is so drop dead gorgeous.
I'm still not sure, if I bought a divinatory deck - which I'd go for, as much minimalism as possible for ambiguity and openness as you suggested or something with big warring pictures with all the pips that would be more suggestive of the ingredients. Suppose the right ideas might come along as I get to know a bit more about that side of the coin.

One thing I think would be neat, and it doesn't look like anyone's done it (at least in a way that I recognized) is coming up with a purely pathworking trump. It would be very nontraditional, might even end up looking like an airbrushed quantum physics, crystal, fantasy type thing but when one really evaluated it the path-colors and images would be bang-on and essentially it would have the essential core elements of a pathworking session judiciously infused as well as the kind of mood conducive to that path.
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