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Not to mention the prophecies in Daniel and the Book of Revelation. However, I think a middle of the road position among Christians is that esoteric knowledge is not necessary for salvation: it is at best an enriching extra, but also carries risks. Among the risks are spiritual intoxication and ego inflation, with all the disciplinary and doctrinal problems that arise.
I tend to think the abundance-a-plenty of 12's and 7's tends to bode a certain way, same with the four faces of the cherubim in Ezekiel and Revelations. The other thing is John's raging neoplatonism, that tends to be everyone's favorite gospel writer and I'd tend to agree but both his gospel and Revelations feel intensely greek and you feel like you can relate to him so much better after having read something like Corpus Hermeticum.

I'd agree that we have a very enticing situation on our hands, ie. morality (within legal parameters) on our own volition and plenty of ways to do harm to ourselves without it ever being a legal issue, but then again it's part of why I tend to like a lot of the sort of piety that Gareth Knight seemed like he was trying to push albeit I'd pass on the Scientology suggestions or trying to exorcise lay lines. If I have such a kundalini uptick that I feel like I've got a half half a pill of ecstacy kicking and reality's starting to feel frighteningly fast and loose like I'm in some kind of WOW or Guitar Hero game (my chakras are starting to light up like that occasionally) - a good read of Deuteronomy, Jeremiah, or Isaiah has usually been good for black coffee. It's not that I particularly think that the libertines are in some kind of intense danger, I'm probably more uptight about just getting distracted, losing track of priorities, etc. and when you start getting blissed out to the point of near intoxication you start remembering what kind of world you live in and the alarm bells engage.
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