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Originally Posted by Goddessofthehunter View Post
LMAO! What the.....? This guy has ZERO female traits to him. Manly manly manly manly man...

3 of Swords Rx (wow she's serious)

This tells me your feedback is the direction and you are picking that up in your thoughts.

Did B get or is thinking of getting a sex change???
Page of pentacles: ...he likes being a boy, he just may have a softer side to him that he does not show The Queen does not necessarily represents a man, it is about a type of he may have some good intuitive skills or is perceptive, good at
understanding emotions.

Why all the female cards on B today?
page of wands : haha! now the pages...because he has sort of youthful, softer energy about him, he may be playful, young at heart, makes him more open and vulnerable( he might not show it)
what are those gifts my dad is talking about ?
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