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Other considerations for planets

In addition it's worth considering:

The planet's speed - faster than average suggests it tends to expedite matters it's related too.

If the planet is stationing Retrograde or Direct. Retrogradation indicates delays in matters related to the planet.

If the planet is 'under the beams' for the Hellenistic Astrologer this meant being within 15 degrees either side of the Sun. Within this range it can't be seen in the sky at night (or the day for that matter). This appears to be associated with things that are hidden, secret or internalised about the planet. So if the Lord of the Seventh is under the beams that might point to a marriage in secret or Lord 5 under the beams might indicate a person has a child that most people are unaware of. It's usually taken as undesirable, though if you're doing an election chart for an activity that you want kept secret then having it's significator undert the beams is a good idea.

When a planet emerges from under the beams - gets to be more than 15 degrees from the Sun, it is said to make an 'appearance' (phasis). This makes it prominent and powerful. If a planet has a phasis either 7 days before or after a birth it is taken as being very important.
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