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Originally Posted by closrapexa View Post
Well, opinions may vary, but it is important to define one's terms. In Jewish mainstream religious circles, the Torah is all, it is the direct conduit to God's own word. There is nothing beyond it, and no authority higher. Kabbalah, as an extension, is another way of coming to terms with it, through study. While groups such as the Golden Dawn may have appropriated it for their own ends, Jewish Kabbalah is an extension of faith, not magic or occult or anything like that. It is used to understand better the Torah, the word of God........
Kabbalah as a hermeneutic/interpretive approach to the Torah is the way I understood it until (within the past thirty years or so) I learned about the occult/esoteric appropriation of the Sepher Yetzirah and the Sephirotic Tree. There certainly seem to be neoplatonic and gnostic influences in the Kabbalistic literature. Gershom Scholem probably represents an intermediate approach, and I gather that he is a highly respected (although somewhat controversial) Kabbalah scholar. I need to read more of his stuff.
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