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I see the woman in this card as someone who has made many sacrifices (represented by the skulls), and possibly come through hard times. Now she is looking towards the East where the sun rises, flooding her being with light and casting the past into shadow.

Skulls have always been revered in different cultures, particularly the Aztecs, and Bolivians would keep family skulls for luck and success in business. This seems to relate to the traditional meaning of this card.

Of course a darker side could have the skulls represent people in her life who she has sacrificed in some way, to get where she is. The light on her could be guilt, her conscience finally being brought to task.

The pearls though, could also be relevant, as this card means waiting and patience, and it takes a long time for a pearl to grow. This makes me think that her rewards are earned justly rather than by devious means. I guess surrounding cards could have some influence.
For me I just got this card as my daily draw and it couldn't be more fitting.

I have spent the last year doing very little else but work hard towards a diploma and the first year if a BA. With looking after my home and family as well, there has been little time to play. At times I wondered if it was all worth it. Well, tomorrow I graduate with my diploma, with four A grades for my papers. I am then having a break, (in NZ we have our summer holidays now), and going back in Feb to continue my BA.

Could there have been a better card to draw?!
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