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Smile so many ways to use 360 symbols

great question
I use a number of methods
1- random ss
2 - random ss plus the ss either side ie pulls Virgo 18 as main then use Virgo 17 and 19 as assistants
3- 5 star method - pull a ss then calculate the next 4 using +72 this gives a really good 'story' in a time line
4- 5 in a row - just pull 5 SS and read them as you wold tarot
5- Astrologically - using them for personal astrology and crystal astrology readings
6- I have beads that a lovely forum member made me years ago - 12 star signs and 30 numbers and I randomly pull those - use those to do readings
7 - I have 360 numbered cards and I use them as you would a tarot card and I just look up which SS is for each reading
8- the wheel - 12 ss cards like a clock.. gives good time information

- any other method that takes my fancy which I invent on the spare of the moment given the resources at hand..

With the Sabian Symbols I have found in about 90% of cases one Sabian Symbol is what is required to answer most questions... the additional cards provide a little help.. but I know that's a personal thing..
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