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When I saw the card in the scan the meaning tha came to me was "We take care of or own."

In the image the broken leg/crutch visual makes sense as it aligns th card with the RWS but I thought of the AIDS epidemic and the way that the queer community was treted during its early days. The church window looking remote ties in as the church and religious political officials looked down on AIDS victims and there wasn't much support. President Reagan even said he thought it was God's judgement for unnatural sexual proclivities.

The gay community took on the task of educating people, finding care for victims, and keeping hope alive. Because of the outreach within the gay community we have managed to ,make an impact on people's perception of HIV and AIDS.

I think the metaphor plays out in many arenas for us. We take care of ourselves with or without approval. The card reminds me of a sign that was carried in the Pride Parade by my friend's mother. It read: "If you don't love your son or daughter becasue they are gay I will."
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