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Hi DEVILtonight,

I can tell you a few things just from this glance....

You are not an impulsive person - your life line and head line are attached at the origination point.

It looks like you have a well developed writer's fork on your head line, which would show a tendency to do quite a bit of writing on your own part. The top fork shows another fork, which shows an even greater ability to tap into the subconscious and use this gift to apply itself in the real world.

Your heart line does not meet the fingers, which tells me you hold yourself away from others. You are likely the kind of person who does not use the word "friend" lightly... and as such, you consider yourself someone with very few "real friends." However, this does not stop you from feeling things deeply in your life, as your heart line is very well marked, and deep.

I'm afraid I can't quite make out a teacher's square, but one in the position you describe would tell me you use this gift more on the heart level than the mental level, when teaching.

Hope these ideas help!
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