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Thanks Alissa! It did help///

hmmm...i consider myself impulsive, but not for big matters. and spot on on the writing! love churning out fictions, although have neglected it recently n suffeirng from a writer's block. =(

btw, what does it mean tap into the subconcious? sometimes i'd get this 'shaking dreams', although not physically. my mind is alert but physically i'm not. at first, these dreams are the same, a blond lady pointing to a cottage. now it's like normal dreams, though still shaking,.. the diff is that after that, when i open my eyes, i'd see shapes, objects for a moment. eyelids as screens. could that be the subconscious mentioned?

true, there are only a few important friends in my life although have many friends. actually that line does touch my finge,r but it's VERY faint.

also, i have quite a lot of faint lines under my middle finger (there's a cross there) and some running diagonally towards the thumb acrossthe end of mylifeline. there's one single line running through myheadline... is that the fate line? it has two branches; one short and the other long(almost near to the bottom of palm).

[mystic cross?] there's a cross just above the 'island' in my life line and one line crosses the short (suspected) fate line. other, two crosses under my index finger, though very close to the side

my life line, which should i read, there's two! one originated from head line which is quite short and the other seemingly originating from the middle the extends to the top and bottom...the latter looks more complete though...

[digress: how did u learn all these? even with information here,i find it hard to distinguish what line is which except for head, heart and life]
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