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Originally posted by DEVILtonight
btw, what does it mean tap into the subconcious?

my life line, which should i read, there's two! one originated from head line which is quite short and the other seemingly originating from the middle the extends to the top and bottom...the latter looks more complete though...

[digress: how did u learn all these? even with information here,i find it hard to distinguish what line is which except for head, heart and life]
Question 1 : The area of the hand called the Mount of Luna, or Mount of Moon, is the edge of the palm along the pinkie side, but low and near the wrist. The longer the Head line, the more it reaches this area, this Mount, which symbolizes the subconscious mind. Therefore, a long head line with many branches in the mount of Luna shows an ability to reach this subconscious, most often through creativity.

Question 2 : You do have two life lines. If anyone is following these threads, and looking to see an unusual palm, I recommend they look at your hand. It is a good example of a truly broken life line.

My hypothesis is you have (or will, I don't know your age) radically reinvented your life. There is one life that will come to it's termination point around the age of 35, and another life will be the one you live, quite strongly, as the lower line grows strong, in your later life. Whether or not this reinvention is due ot a health reason is uncertain, but the life line is a measure of a person's vitalaity.

Question 3 : I've only been studying palmistry for a few years, and honestly there is much about it I still have yet to learn. For good resources on Palmistry, I recommend Cheiro's book as a resource, and I rather liked the beginners/intermediate palmistry book "Revealing Hands" as well.

I'm sorry I'm not able to really get into more with your palm, but I do encourage you to keep studying the subject if it piques your interest!
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