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All along my lifeline and head line on both my hands are braided together but only until recently my dominant hand (left) has some significant changes. Not only is it a big difference between both hands, there is a break on the braided line on my dominant hand. It's not actually a break. Well it moved upwards thus leaving only my sister line left connected. It's as though my sister line has become my life line and the remaining becoming head line.

I know it's very confusing but I can't scan right now as my hands have blisters as it will blur the line.

Any idea why is there a sudden shift upwards? The whole braided line has literally gone up.

Not only that, of all the hands I've seen, I have the most messy hands, lots of lines lying everywhere. Few months back the lines seem to have gone but until recently they came back again.

An interesting to note also, all along I don't have the intuition on both hands. Only until recently this intution line starts to appear and seems to grow longer and it's only within milimeters reach to my heart line.

My life is on a roller coaster...
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