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The Importance of the Question

Sometimes I believe the importance of how a question is worded is missed in readings.
Even though Lenormand may be a little more "set" in interpretation than tarot is, at least for some readers, the way a question is phrased by a Sitter and WHERE a card is in the layout, makes a huge difference for me.

So to Sitters I would say an answer can only be as clear as a question, as I find Lenormand pretty literal most of the time. If a Sitter asks what's coming up in my life without any general topic, I will get a very general answer and may not be able to tell a Sitter WHAT part of their life the reading pertains to.

The saying, be careful what you ask for, I think takes on a special meaning in Lenormand. How a Sitter phrases a question is what I read to, so if the question is why ISN'T someone calling vs. WILL someone call, the layout could well read very differently for me even with the same cards.

This is just my personal feeling as this is how I READ. Different readers will have their own feelings.
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