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How wonderful it is to read that Bonefire is giving interesting readings all over the world, it is all I wanted for the deck and hardly dared hope.

I was so happy to see the study group. It is an honor.

Agvis, My own personal copy has the edges inked in black. I have been reading with it for about nine months and it looks like new. if any one is thinking of inking their own deck, I initally used an ink pad, which was quite good, but left quite a few white bits still visible. So I used a marker pen as a second layer. it was a bit time-consuming but I am not that patient.
I should also mention that the ink pad ink did bleed around the edge of the cards now and again, but could easily be wiped from the matte lam surface even long after the edges were dry. The marker pen was more accurate, but slips to the face of the cards were permanent..
I know this because I decided to make another black edged deck, using pen only and was too slap happy and spoiled a few cards.

Actually while you are here, I might mention that the little oracle I am making is underway. Eight cards are complete. It is quite different to Bonefire. The old school tattoo look was not appropriate for this deck, but I think you will see that it is still definitely my work.
I have set myself a target to have this deck done by a certain time. I love deadlines. This makes the process very different from Bonefire, which required heaps of research and planning. I will not declare the date I wish to have the artwork done by as who knows what might crop up?!
If you want to follow the progress, it will be under "the Wyrd of Sarah Howard", (working title) in the tarot creation thread. I hope to scan a couple of cards later today (dang that day job!). I currently have no art software on my computer so the images will have very rough edges. So bare with me and check in later if you want a sneaky peak.

Cheers guys
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