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[QUOTE=Minderwiz;3816997]Actually I think you picked a good topic because I found this feedback really helpful

Oh good! I'm relieved. I thought it would be very little forthcoming and enlightening, but I'm glad you found it to be otherwise.

Thanks for this. I picked up that friendships would not be an area of prime importance to you and it's good to have that confirmed. The issue of friendships breaking up 'without prior' warning, seems to be a Mars issue, as Mars is linked to separations, severance and cutting. Mars does rule your eleventh WSH of Scorpio and I think I might have downplayed the lack of an aspect between Mars in Aries and Scorpio more than I should. It seems that whilst your friendships are not awkward or difficult there's still that severance/separation dimension to them. I'll try and make use of that in future readings.
Ah, I see. I do have that nuisance of an Aries Mars. To be even more clear, I have to say that 9 times out of 10 it's me who does the severing in my friendships, either because I just get annoyed when people insist (i.e. manipulating) on me being around when I have responsabilities I have to attend to or simply because I feel they have crossed an unyielding line. I don't explode, this Virgo rarely does, but I do cut people out with surgical precision.

Again your feedback is very useful. The latter point about the differences between being the pursuer or pursued is interesting. Your Lot of Necessity is placed in Cancer, in the Seventh Place. This Lot is Asc + Fortune - Mercury. Fortune as we have seen is the extent to which the outside world determines the outcomes in your life. Mercury relates to communications and mental processes. This Lot is seen to relate to difficult circumstances, including adversarial relationships. It shows where you have to adapt in order to overcome the difficult circumstances in life. So you might well find that your approach to relationships is something you've got to deal with - maybe the pursuer should get a better deal

Both the Moon that rules the Lot and Mercury are changeable in nature, and your approach seems to change depending on whether you are the pursued or the pursuer. Might be worth thinking about. Incidentally the Lot although it shows the challenges of life also allows for change in behaviour to overcome those challenges. If you work on them.
The pursuer should definitely get a better deal, yes! It's just that the realization I'm being pursued only happens when the guy is already moving on, lol. I have the worst timing on this, believe me. And you're correct, my approach changes from when I'm the pursued to when I'm the pursuer. Being pursued makes me shy away and pursuing makes me, well, not agressive agressive, but definitely more action-oriented than I normally am.

In previous readings I've looked at time lords to see if I can identify key dates or times when things are likely to happen. You can keep to this area if you like - so I can see if I can identify likely marriage dates in the future. Or you can choose a new topic - you gave career and family as your two key priorities,, so I can look at one of those if you like.
As much as I'd like to get an idea of when I might marry (possibly twice), I would LOVE to hear more on my career, if you don't mind, Minderwiz. That is something that is usually much more in my mind than relationships.
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