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Originally Posted by Sulis View Post
The coins are linked by coloured threads in a geometric pattern - a diamond or square that encompasses all 4 and holds them together then blue and green threads in the shape of figure 8s and an elliptical pattern that hold the opposite coins together..
Originally Posted by Nemia View Post
I agree. The card also makes me think of movement - like a simple machine where leather or rubber cords move wheels. I can see the wheels moving if I look long enough at the cards. Yes they may even make a little sound while they turn.
Originally Posted by BSwett View Post
Cogs of a well oiled machine. If any of this pentacles spins the others move as well. Efficient and organized movement. Makes me think of elegant body motion, like tai-chi or yoga...
Originally Posted by Pixna View Post
Everyone's insights have been so helpful! I, too, see this as a well-oiled machine. I hadn't noticed, however, that when one wheel turns they all will turn -- thanks, BSwett for pointing that out! And, Nemia, now that you mention it, I can almost hear that little sound you mentioned! :-)
A HUGE thank you to Sulis for starting so many of the threads for the Wild Unknown deck studies. You have such wonderful insights and you have a great writing style. I know I am one who REALLY appreciate you getting these going.

I see a pulley system (in addition to the symbolism others have identified).
It feels like it could be similar to the belt system in a vehicle where:
*-the main engine crank powers the belt to move and incorporates pulleys for the following:
1-the fan to air cool the engine
2-the water pump to internally cool the engine by making water/antifreeze flow thru the radiator
3-the alternator to keep the battery charged so the engine will start next time
4-the optional air conditioning pump to get the Freon to cool the air to help keep the driver over heating

(I can check with my husband to see if I explained this right and included all that is incorporated into the pulley system of a vehicle.)

So essentially, in the case of an vehicle, the current pulley system design is necessary for the engine to run properly over time (with the exception of the air conditioner which is more for comfort than necessity in most scenarios).

An integrated system, such as the example of a vehicle's pulley system, can fit into many aspects of our material worlds.
For example: in order for a person's body to function and live in balance, we need basics like: air, water, food...

Thanks again to everyone participating here at AT.
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