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Originally Posted by coyoteblack View Post
......I tried other decks that i generally read with or just feel at home with and forcing qabalah on them does not really work but it does shed new light on cards I cant connect to .
Forcing anything on anything goes against the grain with me. Some decks seem to be forcing Tarot onto the Tree of Life (or other esoteric systems) by altering the traditional images and slapping on some Hebrew letters and astrological glyphs (and sometimes even Runes or Yijing hexagrams). Even the Waite deck does this, albeit covertly, and I am not totally comfortable with it.

Actually, the Tree of Life can be adapted to lots of different things, as Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi demonstrates in his Kabbalah book. The Tree is sort of like a memory palace, and some people find it convenient as well as meaningful to use it's various features as a structural matrix for Tarot. However, if the Tree-Tarot correlations do not fall naturally into place, it usually does not help very much to force the issue. For me, a litmus test is whether the ten Sephirot correlate acceptably with the first ten Trumps. Except for a possible mismatch of Sephirah 8 (Hod) and Trump VIII (Justice), the Marseille matches up pretty well for me but may not suit everyone.
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