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Career and Career forecasts

Career can be seen through the Tenth house, the MC and the Lot of Spirit. Your Tenth Whole Sign House is Libra, ruled by Venus. The only planet in the tenth is Mercury. Venus is in the eighth place but is in aspect to the tenth by sextile. Moreover the Exaltation Lord, Saturn is also in sextile to the tenth place, from Sagittarius. Saturn is also the Triplicity Lord by Day. and is likely to be the stronger of the two. Moreover Saturn is in Sect and although the Malefic of Sect is likely to be a neutral influence on Career. All planets but the Sun are configured to the tenth, so it's not surprising that this is your key priority and one that gives you greatest flexibility.

The MC is in Virgo and is ruled by Mercury in the tenth. This may then bring Mercury to the fore in Career matters. The MC was only really considered for career in the latter part of the Hellenistic period as it can be placed anywhere between the eighth and twelfth places. When it did begin to be related to Career, it was the topical nature of the place of the MC that was taken as important. So here we have the MC in the ninth place, which would suggest areas such as travel and travel related areas, higher education and the law as possible areas emphasised by the MC. Mercury suggests that there will be a communications or mental dimension, Saturn as the lead planet suggests structure and format. So clerical duties, planning duties, analytical duties would be relevant though as Moon, Venus and Jupiter and Mars also make contributions this may be modified. Certainly you might find that the Mars influence makes it more difficult to take an objective approach to any career activity.

The Lot related to Career is the Lot of Spirit and that is the one that I will use for forecasts about career. The Lot of Spirit shows the extent to which you are able to influence events in the environment. Your Lot of Spirit lies in Virgo in the ninth place and is therefore trine to the Ascendant. Mercury as shown above is one of the key planets involved in career. Being in the tenth, the Lot ruler is able to influence events, the key issue is the opposition from Mars, though this is wide and separating. It's therefore unlikely to be a major concern.

Possible significant dates up to now.

Your first main period from birth till 2008 was a Mercury period - remember Mercury is a key planet for your career. Something seems to have happened around late January 2006. This may well be related to a decision on higher education with career in mind. This looks likely to have coincided with the beginning of a Mercury transit of your second house and a conjunction with the Moon in particular. Something that is likely to have shown the importance of earning or income.

The next most likely event occurred in early June 2008, when you began a Libra main period, that will last through to 2016. Libra is your tenth place, so this redoubles the emphasis on career as a main focus. At the beginning of this period Venus is in exact conjunction with the Sun (itself a significator of status and career) the exact conjunction is a position of great power and both Venus and the Sun were in Gemini trining the tenth place. This seems a very significant date. Mercury was also in Gemin, a couple of degrees behind and in a loose trine to it's natal position. Around the 10th of June with the Venus/Sun conjunction still in place, the Moon transited your MC and then went on to transit your tenth.

Around the 30th August of the same year, Mercury began it's transit of your tenth with Venus following a day later. Does the end of August/beginning of September mark your entry into work or your entry on to a professional qualification or higher degree?

In April 2010 you moved into a Sagtittarius level 2 period, this activated Saturn (natally in Sagittarius) and Jupiter the two other diurnal planets besides the Sun. In July Saturn began transiting Libra and your tenth and this looks like the bginning of a good period for you. Moreover the Sagittarius level 2 was followed by a Capricorn level 2 and an Aquarius level 2 (still in force), both of which keep Saturn active. Career is strongly favoured by Saturn but in July 2012 Mars entered your tenth place and this would not be particularly beneficial. Towards the middle of August 2012 Mars and Saturn were conjunct in Libra and conjunct your natal Mercury. This may have been a difficult period in some respects.

The current Aquarius sub period began last July (2013) and will continue through till 2016. Two years after the last Mars transit of natal Mercury by conjunction, this happened again three days ago. Mars will actually station retrograde on March 2nd so Mars is going to remain in your tenth for some time. I'm not sure of how far this will cause issues but I don't see the next few weeks being easy. Indeed it will be late July before Mars finally leaves Libra and it will have transited your natal Mercury by conjunction three times. Mid September should mark something of a return to good things with natal Mercury transiting your tenth and giving you a Mercury return.

I've only given a very general consideration here, as a more detailed one would occupy a lot of space. However a more detailed one would also allow a consideration of several planets for each period and that would modifiy things. If there's a period you'd like to see covered in more depth let me know.
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