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Originally Posted by pluto'sapprentice258 View Post
Avoiding certain errands until Monday - when I shall have more money

Moon + Clouds

Today you will experience romantic uncertainty which may make you feel sad.
Again, I had looked at this back when it was posted and thought, "Nope, that's not for me..." -- but here I am again, and the significance is creepy. LOL

It's Valentine's Day and the hubby and I had plans and we both decided to cancel them and spend the night in... he's been feeling under the weather and just last week, I had told my new boss that she needed to knock off the unreasonable pressure for me to perform because I was 'going home with a cloud over my head' and didn't like the feeling... of which, surprisingly, she's changed her approach towards me more positively, and now I'm just (very exhausted and tiredly) awaiting the smoke to clear and the dust to settle a little more in my new role. This is a big deal, and romance = passion = work in this instance for me as well, and over these past couple of new weeks for me, I've been terribly disappointed -- seeing a company I held in high esteem operating out of fear and mistreating its employees has greatly dampened my spirits.


Today you will:

(Ring popped out during shuffle, so I believe this has to do with a contract or commitment.)

Storks + Choices

Change directions for the better.
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