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Originally Posted by GrailSidhe View Post
Ok I LOVE this deck! But this card drives me crazy. The woman looks disappointed, coins falling off the bag on her head. Usually this card shows a symbol of success, of achievement, accolades and popcorn, conception. But here? I need help understanding this one..

Card can be seen here:
Notice the bag is on her head.. and she's wearing a painters smock .. so Im thinking she has some creative *ideas* and they have yielded some pretty nice returns in the form of money. So much money in fact, that it's just spilling out because the bag is so full! As someone else pointed out, maybe the ideas are for art based on some painful life memories and she is reliving those memories to put it out into the world (like maybe a painting or novel or script).

I have yet to order this deck but Im thinking of it! I love the art except there are a few cards that leave me scratching my head. That 3 of pentacles was one of them.
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