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Poppy is back working on the deck, and I for one am so pleased! Repeating myself I know, but the genre of 21st century image driven tarot decks are not that common. I soooo love using decks that use day to day, instantly relatable imagery. My sitters can relate to them so easily and it makes for a wonderful reading experience for both parties.

Anyways Strength is now up on her website (Scroll down a wee bit):

This card is one that I usually feel blah about. I have to explain the inner strength thing, and it does at times feel a bit bland.

This just shouts it out at you In addition I think it tells a story as opposed to being just representative. And I love the Newfoundland dog being present. It has the strength to easily pull her head over heels if it had the want. (And knowing that breed, as puppies they certainly do!) Yet it has reined in that wild side and is as serene as anything. Let alone the trust she has to have that it won't do that to her - that it will be there for her but won't upend her due to over exuberance. Fantastic depiction, and easier to tap into than the traditional renditions.

Keep sending her thoughts, messages and energy. This deck so deserves to come into being. For now I only have the Bright Idea deck (which I love and use a lot) and the Today's Journey deck (which I love but is a bit painful on the eyes at times).
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