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These clever little lights

Hmm- so Baylys and Daphne like the idea......and I like Baylys and Daphne...
I will go through the sketches I have for TWOSH (The Wyrd of Sarah Howard-kind of like THOTH and tosh mixed together) and see how complicated it might get to blend the two oracle types.
I am linking the 'TWOSH' deck to playing card Cartomancy, and am yet to decide whether to include the suits on the cards or not; I am only thinking eg. 3H, with a drawn heart not an H. This would help if I went with the Lenny idea.
Well more to think about there. I have no particular plans for a Lenny in the future, but if I did, it would probably be painted in a more brazen and ballsy style.
After this one is the Sibilla.( though a little bird indicated that Ciro might be making one, so it will have to be flamin' awesome.- sorry Ciro, if this utterly untrue)

Anny Hoo... back to yesterday's card. Here it is.
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