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The final revision to the Tree will produce a lovely set of symmetries. it is also more in line with the book of Genesis than the Sefer Yetzirah interpretation of the days of the week for the planetary letters.

Recall that in Genesis, Elohim begins the creation on Sunday, and requires 6 days to complete it. Then the 7th day of rest is the Sabbath. So when using the scheme of letters where Saturn is the first letter, for Saturday, we are somewhat putting the cart before the horse, unless the idea is that the day begins with the evening before, thus Sunday begins Saturday evening. In any event, it makes much more sense, in terms of Genesis, for the days of the week to begin with Sunday instead of Saturday, So if we keep the same sequence of Saturday to Sunday for the planetary letters, but begin that sequence on the paths with Sunday, we end up with the symmetrical relationships shown in the revised Tree.

Now we have the Sun going into Chesed, opposite the Moon going into Gevurah; the Pope going into Netzach opposite the Popess going into Hod, and this parity continues with the Emperor and Empress coming from opposite pillars down in to Yesod. This puts the masculine figures on one side and the feminine ones on the other, which matches with the arrangement that has all the Fire and Air (‘masculine’) zodiac signs on the right side diagonals, and all the Water and Earth (‘feminine’) signs on the left side.

This also puts the Fool, as Tav, in the center of the 7 vertical paths, just as Tav is said to be in the center of the 6 directions of space. And this is all the more cogent when remembering that the key number of the Fool is Zero, and there is no more appropriate place for zero than at the center.

The final pair of ‘opposites’ is Strength and Judgment, on the middle pillar. These are Mars and Saturn, the two malefic planets, balanced by Venus in their midst. They may symbolize that one needs to wake up from their dream state (‘resurrect’ as the figures on the Judgement card do) in order to begin to ascend. Then one has three choices of pillar to continue on - the male, the female, and the neutral zero of the Fool. If one chooses the middle pillar, know that it will take Strength to get to the Crown.

Other pairings are Justice and the Hanged Man on one side, as against Death and the Wheel of Life on the other. Below these are the opposites of the Chariot (War) on the male side and the Lovers (Love) on the female side.

So here is the completed Tree:

Note that with this new arrangement, the middle pillar has letters that equal 422 instead of 604. While 604 is relatively uninteresting, 422 is the gematria value of ARIK ANPIN - the ‘Vast Countenance’, which is a title of Keter; as well as QU IRUQ, meaning ‘the golden line’. Both of these have relevance to the middle pillar, ending as it does in Keter.

One oddity remains - at the top of the ‘male’ pillar, the Star goes into Keter, while at the top of the ‘female’ pillar, the Tower does the same. These are opposite genders based on their iconography, but perhaps that is exactly the point in the Supernal Triad, for the first emanation out of the sphere of the “fixed stars” is the Star itself. This may also be related to the spheres that these paths descend into. On the left is the sphere of Binah, often called the Great Sea; for this reason it is given to Neptune. Its counterpart Chokmah is thus given to Uranus. Pluto has no place on this Tree, as the traditional association with the fixed stars is moved up from Chokmah to Keter.

The Tower and the Star are joined in the middle by the path of Strength, and this has a secret relevance to Liber AL v. I:57. In any event, these three paths equal 5 + 6 + 20 = 31, the value of the Hebrew name AL, meaning ‘god’, and LA, meaning ‘not’. This matches the value of the trump numbers of the middle pillar: 11 + 0 + 20 = 31. The names of the first two emanations from the Crown gives this arrangement its name - The Star Tower.

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