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With this new Star Tower complete, it would be a simple matter to reverse-engineer the same sets of paths, letters and attributions onto the symmetrical Gra tree. All one need do is move the letter Bet/Judgement/Saturn card up to the top of the middle pillar, where it can descend from Keter to Tiferet and begin the sequence of days of the week, followed in order by Gimel into Chesed, etc., as on the Star Tower. The paths for Death and the Hanged Man would then come out of Tiferet to Chesed and Gevurah, while the Devil and Temperance would descend from Chokmah and Binah into Tiferet from above, just as they are on the Gra Tree. The last change would be to rotate the positions of Kaf, Resh, and Peh, so that they conform to the Star Tower arrangement, as opposed to the idiosyncratic and non-sequential order they have on the Gra Tree, found in fig. 5 of Kaplan.

Such a revision would change some of the symbolism of the Tree, as the middle pillar spheres all move up one notch, thus removing the position of Da’at, or the “Abyss”, but obviously the Gra and the ARI Trees have different purposes, as noted above. so for the sake of completeness, a symmetrical, Gra-inspired Tree can be found here:

I'm very interested to hear what the forum members think of these various arrangements.

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