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"The Tarot of the Bohemians" by Papus is another.

... it includes the teachings of the Western Mystery School associated with the members of the Golden Dawn.
MeeWah, I too find this book incredibly inspiring... and it certainly contains material of the Western Mystery Schools... but those associated with the Continental based Kabbalistic Order of the Rose Cross (OKRC), not the Golden Dawn (GD).

With regards to Tarot, the two were at variance: The GD placed all of the Major Arcana on the so-called paths of the Qabalistic Tree of Life, approximately in order of emanation, and starting with the Fool as zero, whereas the OKRC did not (though it did link the Hebrew letters with the cards), and ordered the cards in the traditional order of the Magician as beginning the series, placing the Fool between XX and XXI (as Waite also did in his book, incidently). The OKRC's work I find more complex than the GD's, though as enriching.

If you found Papus's book inspiring, you may wish to also have a look at (the equally complex) Mouni Saddhu's The Tarot.
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