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Originally Posted by Cor serpentis View Post
..... I didn't manage to find proper thread for my question, so sorry in advance for off topic (if it is). If it's off, please, move this post on proprer thread.
You can always start a new thread

But I think it fits in here so I'll just reply to your main question below

Originally Posted by Cor_serpentis
I see that most querents put time and place when they "ask a question". But I'm in traditional astrology (again, including horary) for some 3-4 years, I've read many texts about it, from helenistic, medieval (including arabic) to modern-day astrologers (eg Frawley, D. Houlding etc) and every of them claims that horary chart should be made and read for the time&place when astrologer heard/read it. Eg, my friend send me text or mail on Sunday evening, but I read it in Monday morning - I'll open the chart for the time when I saw message; or I'm in one city and someone text me from the city 500 miles away - I'll make the cart for time and place where I was when I read text.

Does anyone of horary readers in this forum doing horary readings in that way? I find that way is pretty more accurate then reading charts made for time and place when querent made his chart.
Horary, like most other branches of Astrology is dependent on casting a chart for an event. There are two theoretically possible ways;

The time and place that the question was asked;

The time and place that the Astrologer understood the question.

The former seems to have been mistakenly introduced by Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson (according to Lee Lehman) and there is no evidence in the time since Lilly of the question being set for any other location. The event in this event chart is the Astrologer receiving and understanding the question.

If the Astrologer doesn't fully understand the question or has concerns about it she/he might feel a need to ask for some amplification. Indeed the process of negotiation might last for days or weeks (if carried out by snail mail) or several minutes, hours or days if carried out by telephony or the internet. An Astrologer cannot answer a question that they do not understand. So the 'event' is the Astrologer's understanding and the chart is set for the time and place that occurs.

This is not something that started with Lilly. Sahl Ibn Bishr, who wrote one of the very first horary texts in the first half of the ninth century (over 700 years before Lilly) make it clear in Book III of his text that the Astrologer doesn't answer a question till he understands it. He writes of the querent either being present to ask his question or 'sending' the question to the Astrologer, who must satisfy himself about the 'intentions' of the querent. That can only mean casting the chart for the time the Astrologer understands those 'intentions'.

I find that most times a date, place and time are attached to the question, they relate to the querents natal details and are thus mostly irrelevant to the question (though if you are searching for 'intentions' of the querent, a look at his/her natal chart might help.

Originally Posted by Cor-serpentis
One more annex : I know it seems hard on forums, 'cause on almost all forums are so many querents and only a few readers. Another problem is that many people read question, but don't want to (or don't know how to) answer. But here is (potential) solution: when person who's willing to give an answer read question, (s)he can put time and place when (s)he read it, make and put chart (if someone else wants to add his opinion, or just for learning and further practice) and give reading. Or, if reader at the moment does not have time to write whole answer, just put time and place (I saw that on some forums) and someone else can use that data and provide reading.
I always post a chart for the reading, so others are free to add their points if they want to
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