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the book that has inspired me the longest has been mary k. greer's "tarot for yourself". i've used it since 1985. i can't say as much for my other tarot books. however, i acquired a couple of eden gray's books in the late seventies that made a huge impact on me since they were the only books on tarot i could find at the time. the book i acquired in the past year that i find most inspiring is "tarot and the journey of the hero" by hajo banzhaf. i plan to get his book on the thoth deck as soon as i can. however before banzhaf wrote his book on the hero's journey i read 2 nontarot books that inspired me about the tarot--"the power of myth" by bill moyers and joseph campbell. the other is carl jung's autobiography "memories, dreams, and reflections". i think have the title right. i read these in 1994. while the tarot isn't directly mentioned in either book, these books helped mold me into the type of taroist i am today. i believe campbell and jung helped inspire banzhoff's book b/c i can see so much of both of these men in "the journey of the hero".
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