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Originally Posted by pumpkins View Post
hi headincloud! if you feel like trying with one more sitter i would love to sit for you.

Hi pumpkins,

Stepping forward in protection of you is a slight framed gentlemen with dark colouring in his seventies. Features are pointed he wears a woollen tank top and smokes a pipe. May have passed with arterial disease/cancer, your dad I feel. He used to sit with his feet up on a stool dozing as he watched TV. He's very agile and whippet like and enjoyed spending time in his shed. Singing your praises he had a wicked sense of humour and loved being the centre of attention. He's doing the hi Hitler salute impressing 'war lord' and his demeanour is regretful as he contemplates dressed in a donkey jacket, but he claims it's no good crying over spilt milk. He may have suffered very changeable moods, possibly bi-polar.

Referencing a cold water tank in the attic which is leaking he explains an outlet pipe needs sealing pronto.

Putting his cards on the table he claims this was his hand by fate; taking the cards in his right hand he explains which hand we choose to operate through is our own free will and there's encouragement to use foresight. Sitting in a sun visa and glasses he's predicting good weather in your life upcoming on the financial front, keep your money in your pocket the message and hold on tight, your strength is being tested somehow before you can be capped and feathered, he's championing your cause and is behind all the way.

Referencing a lump in his throat related to his heart he had problems with emotional expression and a lot of baggage which he's been relieved of, claims the only thing he carries now is love. He's leaving you the biggest sunflower I've ever seen.

Stepping in next is your paternal grandmother, a buxom, busty lady with grey short roller set hair wearing an emerald green dress and pearls, fussy with her appearance. This lady's on a level and skilled at helping others do their best, she's glowing in the light of how I perceived her! She suffered stomach and digestive problems but passed peacefully.

Regarding a romantic novel you're writing she's showing me a white book with gold writing and her advice is hack away the dead wood. It looks to be quite a task and you seem focused and frustrated; aim at your wish and plod on the message you're on track and she's pulling strings. There will be cause for celebration around this. There may be a third birthday just gone and she's watching with delight.

There's a sense of boredom, being lost in detail and a scent of staleness is in the air around you and there's encouragement to apply logical skills to your situation. Think things through even though this causes nervous tension. Picking you up and dusting you down she sends you on your way, she's a fighter and encourages you to follow in her footsteps there's a great sense of pride and it seems she directed so much energy towards positive goals she had little time for wallowing in anything overly emotional. Blowing you a kiss she loves you to the ends of the earth.

Being chaperoned forward is a little 7yo blonde girl with a rag doll who passed with kidney failure. Wearing bunches and a blue dress she's so very happy. placing herself on top of a rainbow swinging her legs back and forth in contentment she's expressing her position and also reflecting yours up ahead, a break in the clouds and the first ray of sun. Fulfilment is her little message.

God bless x
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