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Since I am among those who often ask Minderwiz to comment on charts I did myself, I'll step in. I guess it depends on whether the person knows about horary or not. Most people who ask in the Horary Questions thread leave it to Minderwiz to make a chart when he received/understood the question, that is my impression. I've asked him to comment on my own deductions on charts which I made myself but I do have some knowledge of horary, though still learning. I think it depends. I am also asking him to do charts for me when I feel I am too biased and involved in the situation to produce a "clear" chart. As about the time of the question, I cast charts only when a question truly knocks me on the head heavily. It doesn't matter how often I've wondered about "if". There is always one moment when it seems everything else disappears and only this question is on my mind, it's very easy to determine such a moment, IMO.
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