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Thanks for the critique. I was actually inspired to look into this because of the recently revived thread on the Gra Tree of Life, which I missed the first time around. Looking it over, it raised some questions for me that I think a novel approach can answer, especially how to get the Sun and Moon to line up with planetary letters.

So basically, the structures used in any such arrangement - letter-order, letter attribution, type of Tree, and letter position - are here brought together from five (six?) different traditions:

Reversing the order of letters- from the Comte de Mellet
Using the Mother and Single letter attributions of the Sefer Yetzirah
Using the Double letter attributions - from the Sheirat Yosef (SY)
Using the Tree of Return - from the ARI
Using the Mother and Single letter positions - from the Gra Tree
Using the Double letter positions - from the days of creation in Genesis

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