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If you ask me (which nobody did, but so what) Tarot isn't complicated enough. People seem to think all the esoteric crap is artificially piled on their favorite deck, the RWS, and they pine nostalgically for simpler times. This is a fairly astounding exercise in selective history. Without esoteric stuff, there would be no RWS in the first place, so it was never actually a question of "just look at the cards and read." That occult material was "lost" for much of the 20th century (fell out of fashion) and its re-entry into popular culture over the past ten to twenty years, that is the actual restoration. The only truly intuitive school of decks that exists today is the Marseilles which, paradoxically, people don't use because it is seen in itself as a complication.

Plus, the fairly uniform vocabulary of meanings existing among so-called "intuitive" readers shows that far from "just looking," people actually learn by heart meanings constructed from "esoteric nonsense" while ignoring where they came from. Some even go so far as to call the meanings "traditional" when they're actually anything but. Add to that a certain ideology that claims Waite had nothing to do with the RWS, and only Pixie made the deck, and you have a nice, easy to digest, alternative universe version of Tarot that is positive, empowering, resonating and intuitive. And completely false. Rehashed PKT meanings are like chicken mcnuggets; you hope there's something in there that came from actual chicken, but you both doubt it, and also know that they have no nutritional value. You've purged the chicken of everything that made it good. However, they "resonate" with your "intuition" because it says in the name that they're "chicken," so that's alright then.

People should read however they want, just as they should do anything any which way they want. However,arguing that something doesn't exist when it does, just in front of you, is like scientists debating creationists. It's futile. Not that I have anything against truly intuitive reading, but for the sake of challenge and integrity I think people should burn all "meanings" books and look at the cards really intuitively.
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