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Originally Posted by Minderwiz View Post
Moon: Above the Horizon in Leo in the Tenth. Good placement by House but no essential dignity. Moon is in an alien sign (not ruled by sect mate) The Moon's triplicity Lord is Jupiter. Moon is in the confines or bounds of Mars and the decan of Mars. Mars is the ruler of the Ascendant to which the Moon is configured by square. The Moon opposes Saturn and Mars. Saturn is the out of sect malefic, Mars is the malefic of sect. Both are placed in the fourth house. Saturn on the IC. This suggests that home and family issues are likely to be the main area for problems throughout life. The Moon is waxing. This opposition raises the possibility of tension or conflict between your career or your mother and the affairs of home.

Venus is the Benefic of Sect and is in Pisces where she is in exaltation and in the fifth Place. Venus thus trines the Ascendant. This suggests that Children and general pleasure pursuits are likely to be the key areas that bring good things. Venus is co-present with the Sun, the out of sect Light but is not under the beams or retrograde. Venus also opposes Jupiter, the out of sect malefic The opposition is just over 4 degrees and applying. Jupiter is in the confines of Venus so there is a minor exchange of dignities. Venus rules your seventh house of marriage and your twelfth house of enemies.

Mars is the malefic of sect and is placed in Aquarius. It is in its own confines, angular, direct It is co-present with Saturn and the separation is just under 7 degrees. The planets are separating. Mars sextiles Mercury to the left (in the direction of signs) Mars rules the Ascendant and is configured to it. Mars will be the dominant planet in this sextile. Mars also rules your sixth Place. Mars will be an important planet in your life.

Mercury is an evening star and is thus nocturnal in this chart. It is therefore one of the planets of sect. Mercury is in Aries where it has no essential dignity but is sextiled by it's ruler, Mars. Mercury is just about to go under the beams. because though it is direct it has slowed right down and is about to station retrograde. in the sixth place it is averse to the Ascendant.Mercury rules the Lot of Fortune (Gemini). Mercury's bad position and condition is not a good indicator for a benevolent hand dealt by fate.

Sun is in Pisces in the fifth Place. It is trine to the Ascendant It is in the triplicity, confines and decan of Mars. The Sun is the MC ruler. and ruler of the tenth Place. Like Venus, the Sun opposes Jupiter in the eleventh place. The Sun makes no further aspects. As ruler of the tenth it is the ruler of the sect light. Again an important planet in your chart.

Jupiter is the out of sect benefic. I'ts placed in Virgo in the eleventh place. This is it's detriment. Jupiter is retrograde and slow.The aspects of Jupiter have been covered above. Jupiter rules the second and fifth places and is configured to the Ascendant. Jupiter shoud be a force for good in your life but whilst being well positioned it's essential dignity is low. It is retrograde and out of sect. Don't expect a lot from it.

Saturn is the out of sect malefic and is the biggest threat in the chart. Saturn is angular in the fourth and conjunct the IC. Saturn squares the Ascendant, is co-present with the Ascendant ruler and aspects Mercury by sextile. Saturn is direct and fast. Saturn is in its own sign of Aquarius and angular.the dignity possibly reduces its malevolence. As ruler of the fourth, placed in the fourth and the largest threat. Home, family, parents are the area of life that you are likely to find most difficulty with.

Those are the placements. Only Mercury has real problems but the others have some awkward aspects apart from Saturn.

I'll pause here to give you a chance to ask questions as we go.
So Saturn is my STRONGEST planet in traditional astrology? I also got a question about the dignity thing. According to modern astrology's Walter Pullen calculation, I am also Saturnian (but its my 3rd dominant and I'm primarily Plutonian followed by Solarian).

The thing is I'm also Aquarius dominant tied with Scorpio according to the calculation. At the exact same whole number percentage (14%) and only separated by decimals.

What you stated about difficulties at home is TOTALLY TRUE (as are modern interpretations of Saturn and Mars in 4th house as well as Aquarius 4th house and Aquarian relationships with family).

I also have a question about the Moon-in modern astrology much of my problems can be attributed to hard aspects between Moon and the rest of the chart. In fact Moon is tied with Saturn as second dominant planet in modern astrology at the same whole number and only separated by percentages. Leo is also tied with Capricorn as my second dominant sign at 13% again separated by percentages. So the Moon is insignificant according to traditional interpretations?

Also what would you say are my dominant signs based on what you see on the chart? I am curious how different the dominants would be since Saturn is my primary dominant according to your reading. Would Solarian still be a strong influence?

And based on your interpretation of Saturn, it seems I was correct afterall that I am 4th house dominant at least based on what I can find in modern astrology. What does traditional say?

Also what does Part of Armies in Scorpio in 1st house signify? Its should be weak in traditional because its modern ruler is lacking. But in modern astrology its POWERFUL with an almost precise conjuction only separated by seconds and its true the military has played a strong role in my life. Scorpios' traditional ruler Mars is in Aquarius so what aspects would explain why Part of Armies in Scorpio is so powerful in my life even though it lacks conjunctions to any planet? I'm more inclined to believe more in modern astrology as far as Part of Armies goes because it seems Scorpio is weak in my traditional astrology chart.
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