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Some more on Scorpo

I've found a couple of passages that might help you.

Firstly from Vettius Valens (2nd Century)

Scorpio is the the home of is a feminine sign, firm and fixed and extremely fertile. Scorpio natives tend to have an abundant supply of seed within. They can however be inclined towards destruction. The sign itself is watery and is thus inclined downwards. Its natives are not vocal. The sign itself is connected to slavery and is unchangeable. If the planet in Scorpio is retrograde at the moment of birth then the native could have a tendency to be foul smelling. If the sign were involved in an eclipse then the native would be extremely prolific and capable of putting forward many great works'.

Firstly a Scorpio native is a person with Scorpio on the Ascendant, not someone with the Sun in Scorpio. Much of the interpretation is derived from Scorpio being a fixed, feminine, water sign. The destructive reference is because Mars is its ruler. Foul smells are something that was associated with Scorpio for a long time. I think that lies in it being fixed water, and thus stagnant water became associated with it. All water signs were seen as fertile.

Secondly from Firmicus Maternus (4th Century)

The signs of the Zodiac can have great power in forecasting....even when bare of planets. But this effect is found only on the angles.....

Those who have the Ascendant in Scorpio are clever, bad tempered and active in early youth but encounter many kinds of misfortune in life. But afterwards, if Jupiter is in aspect in any way they will attain fortune, power and happiness. ....By their own wish they will travel into another region or state....They will be elevated in mind, sharp witted and eloquent. Variety will always be pleasing to them.

This is much less related to the nature of the sign than Valens' treatment. Though the 'misfortune' is a clear reference to Mars and the 'active in youth' is a clear refrence to Scorpio as a fertile sign. I can only think that the refrence to travel is from Cancer being the Ninth Place and the Moon is an obvious symbol of speed and travel.

Note that again, signs become significant in their own right only when on an angle. That is the Ascendant, MC, Descendant and IC.
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