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Originally Posted by Barkey Foreman View Post
Question on the thing about the Ascendant-there is a branch of modern astrology that is freewill. They state stuff like "Capricorn ascendant live hard lives" are nonesense and they don't believe in such linear interpretation. In fact they believe such interpretations are useless because they are only focusing on one element of the chart.

Also even modern astrologers believe that the signs are not important even when on the angles. Particularly the ascendant which is only believed to be a social mask in the mdoern systems. They believe those angles are no more important than any aspects (esp. the ascendant) unless they aspect planets themselves.
the issue of Free Will v Fate is one that you started a thread on, so I'll simply refer you to that for a more in depth response. One can go to extremes either way. At one end That you can be born deaf blind and dumb in a shanty town in Georgia of destitute parents without education and your chances of becoming President are exactly the same as if you were born the child of a a Millionaire Senator from Massachusetts - that you have total control over your destiny. At the other, than what ever you do your fate was written the day that you were born and you can't change one jot or tittle of it.

The reality is that life's a balance between what the environment throws at you and your own efforts to cope with and influence your environment. We are not all equally dealt the same hand by the environment, not have we all the same capacity for self help. You will find Astrologers from the year dot, that take one or other of these positions.

The angles of a chart have always been the most important part of the chart. Denying that the Ascendants is more important than the sixth house is basically to say that chart's lack any order or structure. Astrology becomes chaotic.

Traditional Astrology says the Ascendant is you, the rest of the chart relates to your family and the world around you. Psychological Astrology says that the chart relates entirely to your mind. Therefore the Ascendant cannot purely be 'you', it must be some feature of you - the mask you wear, how you project yourself to the outside world. The problem here is that if only your mind is real, how can you be sure that the Astrologer you're consulting is not just a figment of your own imagination?
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