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Sorry about asking the same questions over and over but astrology in general is so full of contradicting stuff like one modern astrologer stated, its hard for a beginner to decipher right from wrong stuff. I'll try not to reask the question but some statements such as the ascendant just being a social mask and so forte are so repeated its hard not to take them off your mind when you talk about astrology (unless you are a traditional one).

I agree imo what moderns say about the asc because to begin with it already contradicts modern astrology's claim that the whole chart matters and placement representing different parts of your personality.

Sure he may be charmy but is it truly because of his Libra ascendant? Or is it because the girls he is with are pretty?

Sure he may be very social in public with people he just met... But is it really the Aquarius asc? I mean he is 11th house dominant and Aquarius is his second dominant? I know Aquarius asc who are secretive and avoid social interactions. They are more Scorpio or Earthy even in public and introverted.

Sure he may be brash and hot-tempered when you meet the local jock at school. But is it really his Aries asc? Or is it because he's having problems with the family and is at his boiling point?

Nevermind external factors. She's about as conservative and feminine as Cancer's description goes when you meet her at the market. But the culture she comes from is very sexist and forces women to dress fully covered! Is it really Cancer asc or is it society's standards?By that standards would all Amish women be Cancer asc?

Thats why I call the concept of social mask (not just Ascendant in modern western astrology but similar placements in other forms of astrology) REALLY RIDICULOUS and STUPID!

I'll stop here because I'll go ona tantrum. But I just think the concept of a social mask is a SLAP IN THE FACE against human nature!

So that means the MC, Dsc, and IC are more important than any planets?

These angles don't get much importance in modern astrology other than their specific points (MC career, Dsc marriage, IC home life,etc)? Even taken into account they're just seen akin to mask (unlike social mask as Asc but specific to other life aspects MC is career mask, Ic is home life mask,etc), they are not seen important by their own.
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