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Originally Posted by ematuskey View Post
I have all the completed (barring later revisions) cards up on my website, and I just wanted to show off--check it out!

Cropped for a 4x6 card with a 1/8" border--I may go borderless, and I'm still contemplating the "right" card size. Finding the right balance between "showing off the art" versus "easy to shuffle" is harder than I thought.

Also keep in mind that these are simply mockups--the background (if there is one) will be better, probably choose a different font and text box color for the descriptors, etc. But as I get closer to the Kickstarter, I wanted to have something up to give an idea of what the deck could look like.
I vote for "showing off the art" (It's fantastic!) I'm a terrible shuffler no matter what the card size.

And I also vote for borderless. There's not one borderless deck that I own about which I've thought "Pooh, a border would've really improved this deck."

Not that you've put the decision up to a vote, but I can't seem to keep my mouth shut.
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