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Originally Posted by Minderwiz View Post

In terms of which is your strongest, it depends on the criteria you use. Saturn is in its own sign and in an angular house with no major debilities at all, except for a mild affliction from Mars by conjunction. Mars suffers more here, because it is less malefic than Saturn and because Saturn is earlier in the zodiac. Saturn is the stronger.

On a Medieval basis, using Ibn Ezra's calculation for Almuten (winner) of the chart, Mars comes out first and Saturn is third or fourth! Personally I'd take Saturn as the strongest planet in your chart.

What is Almuten? And since I'm MArtian what does that say according to Ibn Ezra's system? Does that explain why I had almost a Naziesque obsession with the military in my youth?

And you said aspects are based on signs sitting and seeing each other. So how would say Leo see Aries and Sagittarius? What exactly does viewing in trine bring positive stuff as opposed to square and opposition? You said opposition means its the sign in front of you. Why would seeing Aquarius directly bring conflict? Where would Aries and Sagittarius sit in front of Leo's PoV and why is their location direction a positive one? If Aries sat in front of Leo would that bring conflict according to the round table philosophy?

And how do squares bring conflict? HOw would Scorpio seeing Aquarius to its right bring negative interaction?
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