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When I first started reading tarot, I thought (and book definitions tended to back me up) that this Queen was more than a little scary. An older, more isolated woman who came off as calm and maybe even friendly, but ready to bestow a smackdown when needed.

Historically, I guess at one time I would've identified most with the Queen of Cups (ooey-gooey Pisces that I am). Time and experiences have had their effects, though, and these days I identify much more with this Queen. On the one hand, I mourn losing that vulnerability... but hey, life has dealt some serious blows here, and I'm way too obstreperous to turn the other damn cheek. So while it's not exactly a comfortable fit yet, I do look forward to easing more into this Queen's energy.

Two-faced or mean? Hm... I'd have to disagree there. Versatile and unwilling to put up with bullshit, perhaps. Be ethical and present when dealing with her, and really, you're golden.
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