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Genie In A Bottle: Your Wishes Granted But At A Price

Rules for Playing Genie In A Bottle: Your Wishes Granted But At A Price
  • A poster makes a simple wish.
  • Another poster (posing as The Genie) says something to the above person (The Master) regarding his or her wish. The wish is granted, however, something "undesirable" happens afterwards.
  • The cost or unpleasant aftermath is based upon a Lenormand card that is selected by the poster responding as The Genie. Then that poster makes a wish. And so it continues...

Here's an example:

A poster (as The Master): I wish to buy my own home.

Member Reply (As the Genie): You purchase the home of your dreams but then discover that it is in need of some repairs (card drawn: Mice)

I wish for a Mountain Dew.

Member Reply (As The Genie): A tall glass of Mountain Dew appears and you guzzle it down, only to realize that the soda is warm (card drawn: Sun)

Time to find that genie bottle and start making wishes! Just be careful what you wish for ~

I'll start...

I wish for a box of chocolates.
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