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Im a huge fan of the Fool's Dog apps.. I have the International Icon, Joie de Vivre, Paulina, Shadowscapes and Victorian Fairy. Next ones Im thinking of are Hidden Realm, Bonefire (never knew about this deck before and it looks cool!), and Tarot of Trees. So many others look tempting as well. Oh my!

As for accuracy .vs. with a physical deck.. Ive always been of the belief that there are no accidents as far as what card you get. Whether its chosen from a regular deck or a digital one.. the one(s) you are meant to get are the ones that will show up. I have found that readings make sense to me and my circumstances, whether its a digital reading or physical one.

Great work, Fool's Dog! I hope to see many more decks in the future.. like Wild Unknown. I'd also love to see more oracles.. like Enchanted Map.

ETA: This app is also excellent for seeing more details of a card, having a place to record readings, being able to have your deck with you everywhere you go.
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